Copper Peptides Improve the Health of Hair

The more peptide information we get about peptides, the more scientists believe these short chain amino acids could revolutionize healthcare. Cosmetic peptides help skin appear fuller and younger, while others can be used to lower blood pressure, stop hair loss, or increase lean muscle mass. Let’s take a look at how peptides can improve the health of your hair and help you maintain a long, luscious mane for many years to come.

As you’ve grown older, you’ve probably noticed that your hair doesn’t seem to be quite the same as it was in your Natural-ways-to-get-silky-long-hair-585x401-500x342younger day. It’s a little thinner, a little drier, and it seems to be more prone to breaking than ever before. While this is a part of the aging process, it’s not something you have to simply learn to accept. Take advantage of the fact that copper peptides stimulate hair growth.
The great thing about copper peptides is that they’re completely natural. Your body already produces them, and they’re most commonly found in your blood. When combined with protein, the peptides form a chain of amino acids.

Benefits-Of-Copper-For-SkinNow that the medical community has more peptide information than ever before, they know that the copper peptides are an important part of your body’s ability to repair itself after you’ve gotten hurt. The fat cells in your scalp are also loaded with copper peptides which hair care experts no know help not only increase the size of each hair follicle, but also play an important role in how strong the follicles are. When there’s plenty of copper peptide in your scalp, the circulation will improve overall hair health. The increased microcirculation does wonders for increasing the speed your hair grows as well.

One of the reasons that many people lose their hair is because they’re suffering from an auto-immune disease, though the hair loss is sometimes the first and only symptom. The amount of effort your body is putting into fighting the disease causes a slight case of inflammation in your scalp, which causes the strands to fall out, and if the inflammation isn’t reduced, the hair won’t grow back. GHK-Cu is something you can take that will reduce the inflammation.

Ninety-five percent of hair loss in men is caused by genetic male pattern baldness. The main reason some men go bald is because of a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Men who have a genetic background of male pattern baldness can stop the trend by using plenty of copper peptides which will increase the amount decorin your system produces, and blocks the DHT as well as TGF-beta. There’s every reason to believe the copper peptides will make you the first male to maintain a full head of hair in your family!

When you decide to use copper peptides in order to gain a fuller, healthier head of hair, don’t expect instant results. It takes time for your scalp to return to optimum health. While the length of time it takes for hair to start growing varies from one person to another, the rule of thumb is that you should notice a positive change in 10-16 weeks.2

Author: Vernon Mercer

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